Predictable Advertising

For long-time practitioners like me, predictability for advertising is nothing new. In fact, it dates back to the 1890s Sears frontier catalog. (That, of course, was before my time!)

Simple principles based on audience profiles

One reason why direct response advertising can be predictable is because its principles are simple. They are based on “audience profiles.” Good profiles allow us to choose strategies, target ads and messages, measure response and then to improve results by systematically testing.

An adaptable but rigorous discipline

Direct response works the same way with all appropriate media, including direct mail, with print and electronic campaigns and on Internet marketing channels as well. Yes, the Internet may offer low cost and fast turnaround capability, particularly for lower priced products — but the principles of building prospect lists based on audience profiles remain the same.

If you are considering a direct response campaign, you may want to read a few more pages at this website, and follow up with a conversation. Every situation is unique and deserves close attention!

Joseph Krueger

P.S. If you’ve tried direct mail before, and been disappointed, don’t miss this article! It’s at the basis of everything we do.