Disproving the 2% myth.

If you’re wondering what sort of direct mail campaign pulls 12%, 20%, even 50%, take a look at these case histories. Each one of them pulled way more than 2% return.

But it’s not the % return that counts — it’s the value of the response.

Each of these campaigns has a different audience, a different budget and a different goal. As you review them, you may get an idea for your own business. Naturally, we don’t guarantee that YOUR campaign would have the same results — but we do feel confident that the step-by-step approach is very likely to lead to success.

Wells Fargo Relationships

Capture the attention of high-value prospects

Getting a face-to-face appointment is necessary as a step in a complex sale. This campaign was designed to make an executive look forward to that appointment!



Change the playing field for the sales force

This campaign created referral pressure down from the executive suite to the users of the product, making the sales person’s job a lot easier.



Working Capital - Educate the Prospect

  Overcome executives’ resistance

If someone worries about not being knowledgeable about a product or service, they’ll avoid the conversation altogether. This campaign gave the prospect new understanding and thus the willingness to consider a new service.



Cool Storage Mailing Tube Introduce new technology to a professional audience

This campaign had to overcome the barrier of “We’ve always done it that way.”