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In the meanwhile, just another quick note about me and my company, The Marketing Machine®.

I’ve been a direct marketing practitioner for over 30 years. I’ve been through it all, from painstakingly building databases, entry by entry, to being flooded with the “big data” now available via the Internet.
Key Point
In my estimation, marketing success actually boils down to one thing, and it’s something you have total control of! What is it? Knowing your customer.


Nearly everything you hear from me or from The Marketing Machine® will be based, one way or another, on that foundation. (Very occasionally I will lapse into a side trip about multiple universes . . . just have patience and I’ll get back to marketing!)

As you read “Seven Steps to a Business Prospect List” you’ll see that it, too, is really about knowing your customer.

I’ll be interested to hear what you discover as you go through the process.